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how to put tabs on hanging folders


Adding tabs to hanging folders is a simple process that helps you organize and label your files effectively. Here’s how you can put tabs on hanging folders:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Hanging folders
  • Plastic tabs with blank labels (commonly included with hanging folders) or adhesive labels


  1. Prepare Your Hanging Folders:
    • Start by preparing the hanging folders you want to label. Ensure that they are empty and ready to be organized with files.
  2. Locate the Plastic Tabs:
    • Most hanging folders come with plastic tabs that have blank labels. These tabs are designed to slide into the slots on the top of the folder.
  3. Open the Folder:
    • If your hanging folder is not already open, gently unfold it and place it on a flat surface.
  4. Slide the Tab Into the Folder:
    • Take one of the plastic tabs, and on the blank side, you will find a slot or opening.
    • Insert the top edge of the plastic tab into the slot located on the top edge of the hanging folder.
    • Slide the tab down until it is securely in place. You should hear a click when it locks into position.
  5. Label the Tab:
    • Use a pen or a label maker to write or print the label on the tab. This label should indicate the category or name of the files you plan to store in the folder. For example, “Invoices,” “Receipts,” “Client A,” etc.
  6. Repeat for Additional Folders:
    • If you have more hanging folders to label, repeat the process for each one. Ensure that the labels on the tabs clearly represent the contents of each folder.
  7. Organize Your Files:
    • Once you have labeled your hanging folders, you can start organizing your files within them. Place the relevant documents into the folders based on their category or subject.
  8. File Placement in Drawers or File Box:
    • If you are using a filing cabinet or file box, make sure the hanging folders are suspended on the rails or hooks provided in the drawer or box. The tabs should be easily visible when you open the drawer or box.
  9. Access and Use Your Organized Files:
    • When you need to access your files, simply open the drawer or box, locate the appropriate hanging folder by reading the tab labels, and retrieve the documents you need.

Adding tabs to hanging folders is a straightforward process that helps you maintain an organized and efficient filing system. By clearly labeling the tabs, you’ll be able to quickly find and access the files you need, making it easier to manage your documents.

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